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- 03/30/25
Theophany Celebrated in Diocese - 04/20/20
Parish Feast in St Louis - 04/20/20
Synodal School of Liturgical Music - registration now open for the Summer 2020 session - 04/16/20
Second Pascha in Michigan’s Capital - 04/15/20
Pastoral School to Accept Applications for Spring 2020 Semester - Deadline is February 1 - 04/14/20
Archpastoral visit to Nativity of Christ Orthodox Church (MP-USA) in Youngstown Ohio - 04/13/20
Nativity in the Diocese - 04/09/20
Pastoral School Winter 2020 Graduation - 04/09/20
2019 DCMA St. Herman Conference - 04/04/20
Archbishop Peter's Nativity Epistle - 04/03/20
Second Pascha in mid-Michigan - 03/25/20
Archbishop Peter of Chicago celebrates Liturgy in Novo-Diveevo Convent (story from Eadiocese.org) - 03/17/20
Archbishop Peter Visits the Michigan Deanery - 03/01/20
Archbishop Peter Meets with Serbian Hierarchs - 02/27/20
Archbishop Peter Visits Retired Clergyman - 02/27/20
Archbishop Peter Participates in an Evening with Students at St. John Russian Orthodox University in Moscow - 02/26/20
Archbishop Peter Presides at the Divine Liturgy for the feast of the Great Martyr Demetrius at the Serbian Podvoriye in Moscow - 02/26/20
Archbishop Peter Participates in the Feast of the Icon of the Theotokos “Joy of All Who Sorrow” at the Cathedral in the Name of the Icon on Ordinka St. in Moscow - 02/26/20
Archbishop Peter Serves the Feast of the Kazan Icon in the Serbian Podvoriye in Moscow - 02/05/20
St. Basil Parish Festival - 02/05/20
Second Pascha of the Diocesan Cathedral - 01/28/20
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V. Rev. Gregory Joyce
V. Rev. Gregory Joyce
V. Rev. John Whiteford
V. Rev. John Whiteford
The Dean's List
The Dean's List